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About Me & Our Family

I'm Shelley and I live in Donegal, Ireland with my husband Paddy and our three children Sorcha, Thomas & Charlie.

 Paddy (Mr P) is my best friend and soulmate.

 Our 15 year old daughter Sorcha (Our Teen) loves life, make up, clothes, boys, her blackberry.
She is a kind and gentle person.
Truly beautiful.

Thomas (Our Inbetweener) is 8 years old and is a complete Daddy's boy.
He is sports mad and when he can't get outside he finds comfort in watching sport or playing it on his XBox WWE Wrestlers and Lego are his favourite things to play with.
He is sensitive and a deep thinker who questions everything in life.

 And last but by no means least our gorgeous 11 month old baby Charlie (Our Little Fella).
He has fitted right in to our family, he is full of giggles and smiles and we are mad about him.

Some Random Things About Me

I worked full time in finance for 12 years.
These days I work part time two days a week and am lucky enough to spend the rest with our little family.

I am a dreamer and a hoarder of many things.
I am a cleaning freak and like everything in it's place.
I love reading, writing, photography and drinking tea.
I have a passion for home interiors and my ambition in life is own a cottage in the countryside and live happily ever after!

About This Blog

I started this blog in February 2013 as a way to document our family life and capture our memories including the ups and downs, our special occasions and our favourite things.

Get In Touch

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