Saturday, 31 August 2013


We are having a fairly lazy weekend.

Staying indoors mostly, getting things ready for going back to school and having a de-cluttering session throughout our home.

It always feels good to get little jobs done that I've simply put off because we've been trying to make the most of our summer holidays with the children.

Autumn is now upon us, the transition from warm to cold weather although here in Ireland it's often hard to tell what season we are in most of the time. Today I've noticed a chill in the air and I'm sitting here writing this post with a heavy woollen cardigan. 

I do love this time of year.

This week has been lovely, we've been making the most out of the last few days of the summer holidays. Our Teen is back at school since Wednesdays and settled in already. I love the way that she takes everything in her stride.

We had a lovely evening together Thursday night just us girls and a cinema date - something we must do more often.

Our Inbetweener starts back on Monday and we have labelled all his books, bag is packed and ready to go. He is so eager to get back that his uniform is sitting out ready to put on.

Our Little Fella is just so much fun and hard work all at the same time. We've had lots of giggles this week and he is trying really hard to stand up - he's just so eager to walk - all in good time.

Tonight we are having Chinese takeaway and a bottle of wine.

Hoping your weekend is great xxx


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