Monday, 2 September 2013

Art Journal - Children's Craft

If your a mother you will most likely have lots of pictures works of art created by your children displayed proudly on a door, a fridge or on a wall somewhere in your home. In ours one of the doors in the kitchen is our display area because that is where we spend most of our time.

Art Journal

When I was out buying stationery for the two older ones for going back to school I spied these hard backed books and decided to buy a few not really knowing what to do with them at the time but they weren't expensive and I knew they would get used for something.

Art Journal

Over the weekend I've been clearing out cupboards in the kitchen, decluttering and getting organised for the first school term. I found loads of art work, pictures and certificates that had been taken down from our kitchen door to make room for the more recent things our Inbetweener was bringing home.

I didn't want to just lift it from one cupboard to another or worse still throw it out so I decided to use these hard backed books that I'd bought earlier to create an art journal.

I love this idea because our Inbetweener can help to assemble it and draw on the spare pages. It belongs to him and is filled with his creations and shows off his imagination.

I know it's not possible to keep every scribble but these little drawings that they make at school always have a story behind them and they love to tell you what they were doing the day they made it. He is thrilled to bits with his own art journal.

My mother has kept lots of things from when my sister and me were at school. I love looking back on them from time to time and we have some great memories. 

Sometimes we can forget about small things like this and before we know it they can get thrown out or mislaid. 

Documenting these small things is something I must get better at and that will come with being more organised now that they are back at school because I've really been taking things easy during the holidays.

Do you do something similar with your children, I love to hear your ideas and tips.

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