Saturday, 28 September 2013


As if by magic the leaves on the trees have turned a fiery red overnight putting on a spectacular display. The night skies have been graced with a beautiful full harvest moon and tonight there is a sky full of stars.

I love star gazing and I'm really looking forward to spending some time outside with our three just watching the night skies - theres always a shooting star or two if you keep a careful watch.
This is definitely one of my favourite times of year.

Things have been busy around here to say the least with our Little Fella's birthday celebrations last weekend (post to follow), lots of sports activities with our Inbetweener and sickness as I have caught a nasty cold and have been feeling rotten for the past two weeks.

With a crispness in the air and dry weather forecast we are heading off on our monthly trip this weekend. I'm looking forward to getting outside, exploring somewhere new and spending some time as a family. I can't wait to get my camera out.




I hope your weekend is fun.


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