Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Day to Remember

On Sunday our Inbetweener made his First Holy Communion. 
We were flat out all of last week getting things ready which is why things have been quiet on my blog.

A Day to Remember 2013

Here are my three Lovlies all dressed up.....

A Day to Remember 2013

A Day to Remember 2013

There was no distractions by way of phones or laptops or social media over the weekend which was spent with family and friends and lots of cameras.

It was so great for my grandparents to be able to make it especially as my Granny only got out of hospital on Thursday evening after she had been ill. 

Our Inbetweener's Godparents were there to share his big day with him and it meant so much that they had taken the time to be there.

A Day to Remember 2013

A Day to Remember 2013

There was lots of preparation by the school teachers and at home this last few weeks. I'm glad to say it all went well without any hitches and it is a credit to all the teachers and helpers involved in getting everything organised.

All the children were beautifully dressed in their finery and so well behaved.

Our Inbetweener was picked to do a reading at the Mass. He was delighted and of course me and his Dad were as proud of punch of him. 

A Day to Remember 2013

Every night we practised to make sure he was confident of all the words, some of which were hard to pronounce for an eight year old but it was no bother to him.

He really is such a great little man and it made me so happy and proud on the day when people commented on what a lovely person he is. 

I know lots of people make a huge fuss over these things and spend crazy amounts of money but our Inbetweener was just happy to go with the flow. 

A Day to Remember 2013

He picked his own suit, shirt, tie and shoes. There was no arguments in trying to get him dressed up, he didn't make demands on wanting a party. 

We had a beautiful meal at the hotel where our wedding reception was held and then at home our Inbetweener had a bouncy castle for the weekend. 

A Day to Remember 2013

We were supposed to have it for Saturday evening until Sunday night but they didn't collect it until this morning. We all had a turn bouncing around and I have to say it was money well spent.

A Day to Remember 2013

Before he went to bed he thanked me and his Dad for making his day so enjoyable. 

It made my heart melt to hear him say this because I know lots of children wouldn't think to say it.

So after months of talking about it, organising and planning things the weekend came and went in a flash.

We all had a great time catching up with family and friends that we haven't seen or just haven't made the time to see. 

A Day to Remember 2013

As yesterday was a Bank Holiday here it was the first one in a long time that we didn't leave the house. We had a lazy day doing not very much.

Sunday really was a day to remember, one that for many years to come we will look back on with great memories.

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