Friday, 7 June 2013

Photo of the Week

There's nothing like a bit of sunshine to lift your mood. 
As the week has progressed the weather has become warmer and it looks like summer is approaching.

Our Teen is in the middle of her Junior Cert exams and they are going well for her. 
This time next week she will almost be finished for the summer and then we can plan some days out together.

Time to dig out some lighter clothes, leave the windows and doors open all day and dine Al fresco.

Things have been much too hectic around this house this last few weeks and I'm looking forward to relaxing with our family and staying close to home.

This picture was taken when we were out for an evening walk up the woods and is my photo of the week. The bluebells have finally come out albeit a bit late and there is a lovely aroma in the air of freshly cut grass. 

The woods have come alive with glorious sounds of birds, beautiful greenery and wildflowers.

Since I was a child we always went for walks through this woods and I remember clearly the hazy blue carpet of bluebells spread out under the trees that's still here today and looks exactly the same.

It's so lovely to be able to share them with my own children.

I hope your weekend is wonderful xx

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