Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Shellac Nails

Sometimes it's nice to treat yourself and have your nails done. 

Last week with our Inbetweeners First Holy Communion approaching I treated myself and had a French manicure with Shellac.

Not only is it nice to have someone else do your nails but I had a whole hour to myself away from home.

As bad luck would have it I broke two of my nails a few days before I had them done and I was worried that they wouldn't look right but they turned out just fine thanks to my very lovely beautician.

I'm a huge fan of Shellac for special occasions because it lasts longer and with small children and lots of housework it resists chipping and cracking compared to just a normal polish.

I've had it done quite a few times since last year when I first discovered it but it has been on the go for a while. Normally I would get between two and three weeks from it so to me it's worth every cent.

So here is a picture of my nails taken yesterday four days after they were done and still looking good.

What do you think? Have you had Shellac nails done before or is it something you might try?

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Wednesday Fashion & Beauty Spot

Wednesday Fashion & Beauty Spot

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