Monday, 15 July 2013

I'm Still Here

So, things have been a bit quiet here for the last few weeks. 

My life has been hectic to say the least - our two oldest are on summer holidays, we've been running here and there, I've been sick and feeling a bit fed up and then to top it off I have only gone and got myself a part time job. 

It wasn't planned at all because I wasn't looking for anything at the minute, it just happened by chance and I believe that everything happens for a reason. 

It's two days a week and it really suits me and our lifestyle and I'm happy that I don't have to miss out on all the little firsts that our Little Fella will encounter in his first year that you just don't get to go back on.

I've been looking back on the blog since I started it in February and I'm so glad that I have it as a record of our Little Fella's first year and the little things we've been up to as a family and I don't want to let it fall by the wayside.

I have loads of posts sitting in draft that I hope to get sorted out in the next few weeks, we've been out and about enjoying the beautiful summer weather that would normally be associated with the Mediterranean.

This lovely photo is taken of our roses, one of the only things to grow in our garden. I love it because I took a few slips of this rose bush from my grandmother's garden and just stuck it in the ground hoping for the best about four years ago.

Finally, thanks to my husband's green fingers we have a beautiful mass of these fragrant roses and they remind me of my grandmother every time I look out at them. When you open the back door the smell of them hits you and it feels comforting.

So please stay tuned and I can't wait to get catching up on all the blogs I love to read xxx

I'm Still Here

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