Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Our Day Trip to Enniskillen

This month we ventured outside Donegal and headed off for the beautiful Enniskillen in Co Fermanagh for our monthly day trip.

The sun was shining and it was a fabulous day out with my favourite people.

Our first stop was the stunning Castle Archdale Country Park which is situated on the shores of Lough Erne. This really is a fantastic place and if we had known what exactly was contained within the park beforehand we could have spent the whole day here.

Day Trip to Enniskillen

But that's the beauty of our days out we just drive and see were we end up, we can always come back to somewhere we really like.

There are woodland walks and trails, boats for hire, bicycles for hire, picnic areas and our Little Fella enjoyed the ducks. We have planned to go back very soon and stay at the camping site because I know we will just have the best fun. 

Day Trip to Enniskillen

In the main courtyard there are lots of exhibitions and one of Mr P's favourite things was the WW2 exhibition highlighting the role of Castle Archdale as the most westerly flying boat station.

Day Trip to Enniskillen

For families this is just the greatest place and I can't wait to come back. 
You can see about Castle Archdale Country Park here.

Next stop was onto Enniskillen Castle which is right at the edge of the town. The castle is situated on the river Erne and the location is simply stunning.

Day Trip to Enniskillen

We really enjoyed the exhibitions here and the military display is one of the best I've seen. There is also a very interesting display of artifacts that were found in a nearby Crannog in Drumclay.

Day Trip to Enniskillen

A Crannog is an ancient artificial island built on a lake or river and in Drumclay carbon dating has confirmed that some of the site goes as far back as 670AD.

Day Trip to Enniskillen

I've always loved history and for me this was my favourite find of the day.

There were decorative pins, combs made from bone, bowls, knives and it's amazing that all of these things have survived down through the years.

Day Trip to Enniskillen

What a great way to spend our Saturday together creating lots of lovely memories.

I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Day Trip to Enniskillen

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  1. I love the look of your day. This really is history brought to life. My boys would have been facinated by all you saw there. Thank you forsharing on Country Kids.