Monday, 18 February 2013

Day Trip to Donegal Town

Some time ago my husband's cousin and fiance were on holiday here from the US, during which time they spent a few days with us. I have to say that I found it hard to think of places that would interest them here in Donegal.

I thought of loads of places outside of the county like the Giant's Causeway and the Glencar Waterfall which are family favourites with ourselves and I felt ashamed that I couldn't really come up with places to go here apart from the beaches!

More often than not we take things for granted and don't appreciate the things we have on our own doorstep. Whilst it's great to travel and see the world it's also important to experience the best of what home has to offer.

So, this year I decided that once a month we would take a day trip and make sure we did something as a family. It's all too easy with work and hobbies/sporting activities to not spend proper time together as a family. I also wanted to focus on our own local area primarily and play the tourist. The next time we have visitors staying I will not be stuck for ideas of what to do or where to go and better still it will not cost a fortune.

On Saturday after getting my hair done, we started our day trip to Donegal Town. I have lived in Donegal all my life and have been to the town many times but have never visited the castle. So off to the castle we headed not knowing very much about it at all.

The castle is located just off The Diamond and behind the Courthouse. With an entry fee for the family of  €10 it wasn't going to break the bank. We were greeted by a very pleasant guide, who gave us our information leaflets and directed us towards the castle. My Inbetweener got his own leaflet which gave little tasks to complete along the way and he really enjoyed that. You can complete the tour at your own pace which is always a plus with children, but in the summer there are guided tours available.

We spent about an hour and a half inside, taking lots of photos and we had a great time, I would say that it is well worth a visit.

Next stop, something to eat just across the road at The Olde Castle Bar Restaurant. A great place to eat and also child friendly.

Then we walked to the Abbey of the Four Masters - this was built by Hugh O'Donnell for the Friars and it's at the bottom of the quay. There isn't much left of the old Abbey, but the views around the bay are lovely and there are plenty of photo opportunities. I was surprised at how good the Little Fellow was, not so much as a peep out of him all day.

On our way home we decided to look for the Famine Pot which is located on the shore of Lough Eske. It wasn't too hard to find as it turned out and it is the perfect spot for a picnic, although maybe on a warmer day! Great for photos, although the Little Fellow is fast asleep at this stage, best I can get is a shot through the car window - must be all that Donegal air!

The 'Famine Pot' was used during the great famine and it is a testament to all people who lost their lives in the mid-1840s and 1850s. There is something poignant about the big black pot because it is a reminder of a grim period of starvation and emigration. Some might say we are experiencing a grim period in Ireland currently albeit different circumstances and it does make you think.

A day trip through Barnesmore Gap wouldn't be complete without a stop at Biddy's Bar. I haven't been in for ages and it was nice to stop and relax before we headed home.

Hope you enjoy some of our pictures. Has this inspired you to take some time out with your family?
My 3 Lovlies :)

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