Thursday, 28 February 2013

Is there anything more beautiful than reading to your baby?

I've been reading the World Book day posts on the Netmums blog this week and my Inbetweener arrived home with his book-club catalogue yesterday evening so it's got me thinking.

I love reading and always had my head stuck in a book ever since I can remember. Every time I got money as a child I would buy a book from the toy shop in our town

There is something fascinating about transporting yourself into a world of make believe. I always wanted to find a Magic Faraway Tree of my own, sadly in real life I never did but when I read those stories I was there with the characters in my own make believe land.

Last year when I was pregnant with the Little Fellow I was so sick I couldn't muster the strength to pick up a book.

So,with World Book Day coming up on March 7th I figure now is as good a time as any to start back doing something that I love.

Since the Little Fellow was born I have recited loads of nursery rhymes and I sing all the songs that my parents sang to me. It's comforting to him and I love the way he looks at me with a huge smile when I start rhyming or singing-  like he's really enjoying it - or maybe that's my very bad singing! 

Anyway, I started to read to my Little Fellow last night. He's 5 months now and I'm sure he's getting fed up with the same reel of rhymes and songs. Besides, what is more beautiful than sitting down and reading with your baby cuddled up beside you?

I took out one of his older brother's well loved books ''I love you, Sleepyhead'' by Claire Freedman. 
This is a beautiful short rhyming story about mother animals putting their babies to sleep. 

Even though my Little Fellow didn't understand what I was reading, he just sat happily on my knee smiling up at me and we cuddled up on the armchair. 

When he looks up into my eyes like I'm the only person in the world, what does it matter if he can't understand or follow the story? It is a real privilege for me to be able to sit down and spend time with him away from the hustle and bustle to read a story - it's peaceful and last night I wanted the moment to last forever.

Books are to be cherished and enjoyed time and time again. I hope to pass on my love of reading to my Little Fellow and introduce him to a world of make believe where he can let his imagination run wild and discover worlds far beyond the one in which we live. 

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