Friday, 1 March 2013

A Few of My Favourite Things for March

March is here already, and brings with it a busy month of Mother's Day, St Patrick's Day and Easter. Spring is finally here and the daffodils are starting to come up - lovely!

Each month I'm going to put up a list of my favourite things - they could be for me, for baby, for Inbetweener, my Teen, my hubby and/or our home - here we go for March...

1. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - Now that I'm getting my beauty routine back in order I've started to use this again. It's one of the best products out there for tired, sleep deprived mums - use it and see the difference for yourself. If your like me can you afford not to have this in your make up bag?

2. Funky Giraffe Bandanna Bibs - I ordered some of these for the Little Fellow (funkygiraffebibs) after finding them through Twitter. I've never been a fan of using bibs, I know they are great for keeping little ones clean and for teething babies but I just don't really like them. Not any more though - these little beauties are so trendy and a must for every little person out there. My Little Fellow is going to be turning a few heads I think when we head out wearing these.

3. Lindt Chocolate - I love chocolate like lots of mums out there, I've found these lovely Easter Hunt bags which are so cute - they contain mini chicks, bugs, bees and bunnies - bet they taste really good too - yummee!!!

4. Daffodils - This year Daffodil Day takes place on March 22nd and also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Irish Cancer Society. As so many of us know people who have been affected by cancer in some form lets remember to buy our daffodils and support those who provide cancer care services and invest in continuing research.

5. Pug Cushion As a dog lover and pug owner I can't resist anything that might reflect my feelings. This is a beautiful cushion I found browsing the Internet - it's from - what more can I say - there are loads of other beautiful items available as well but this one I couldn't resist. It's going to look lovely in my sitting room, now all I have to do is hope that my crazy dog doesn't recognise himself on it!

Lastly : If you are in the UK/Ireland, change all clocks forward 1 hour at the end of the month. 
You lose one hour's sleep (aaaggghhh!!!)
 Before going to bed you should change at least your watch and alarm clock, and remember that most mobile phones now change automatically!!
Goodbye dark wintry evenings, hello long sunny evenings - we hope!! 

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