Monday, 4 March 2013

Mirror Mirror On The Wall I Am My Mother After All!

This post is for my mother in the week that's in it.

As a mother, I have times where I'm left wondering if I've done the best for my children.

Today I took a moment to stand back and look at my role as a mother, and I take comfort in the fact that I am being the best that I can be for my children because I learnt from the best.

My mother is my role model and when I look at how she raised my sister and me I realise how lucky we both are to have someone who has never put herself first and has devoted her life to us and my dad.

Often I don't think we truly value our mothers until we have our own families because this is when we take on the role of motherhood and experience the highs and lows for ourselves.

From as early as I can remember I have always had a great relationship with my mum, I remember every night before bedtime she and my dad would come in and kiss us goodnight. This is something I have now carried on with my own children, simply because it feels like the most natural thing in the world.

Even now as a grown woman with my own children my mum and me can hug and kiss whenever we want to, if I need to get something off my chest I turn to her. We are so in sync with each other that we know what the other is going to say before we get to say it and she always knows if something is bothering me.

We always joke that she would have made a great counsellor because she gives the most sound and practical advice to everyone.

Whenever we went out as teenagers and later on, everyone flocked to our house to get ready and she always stayed awake until we got home safely - no matter what time it was. Now that my daughter is starting to go to the odd school disco I find that she and her friends get ready in our house, much to my delight - possibly the same way as my mother was.

Now don't get me wrong, we have had our moments, I was hard work as a teenager but she always stood by me and supported me through thick and thin and as the years have gone by our relationship is only getting stronger. 

I speak to my mum every single day that shines. If I'm away or on holiday and I don't get to go and meet her we are on the phone. Someone once said that was mad because they would only speak to their mum once a week but to me that was mad because there is no way I would last a whole week without speaking to her.

I am grateful for the way my mother is with my own children, she loves them as her own and adores each and every one of them. They are spoiled rotten and she has helped me so much when I was working by looking after them and making sure they got the school bus, and much more that you couldn't put into words.

When I look at how I am with my children now I see that more often than not I am the same with them as my mother was with me, I am mirroring my mother. This is not a bad thing though because I know that if I'm half as good as my mother then I'll be fine. I am honoured and blessed to have such a wonderful woman to call mum as are my children to have such an amazing Gran.

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