Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wednesday Fashion Spot

This week on the Wednesday Fashion Spot I want to share something quite wonderful with you - my new baby changing bag from SugarjackUK.

I have had a love affair with handbags and shoes for a very long time and I am lucky to have in my possession some really fantastic handbags. So with baby in tow it's hard to carry a fabulous handbag and make sure you have everything you need for your little one as well. It can feel like you are lunging the whole contents of your house with you.

Some people don't care too much for bags, but I do and please don't get me wrong I also love my free Eumom baby bag that has travelled to lots of places with us already and will continue to do so.

For now when I'm out and about with the Little Fella I have replaced my beloved Louis Vuitton with The Gabi Bag. I chose it in Burnt Orange and it is simply divine. Since it arrived last week I have had it out most days with me.

This messenger bag is one of the most popular designs and is made from luxurious soft leather. The Gabi is your ultimate baby bag with lots of space to carry your personal items, mobile, car keys and it is suitable to carry most laptops.

Inside it has the Sugarjack removable baby organiser compartment, which can be removed quickly to transform into your work or everyday bag.

Every bag also comes with a Thermal insulated bottle holder, Luxury changing mat, Leather detachable zip pocket pouch and Plastic zip pouch to store wet items.

Every bag comes with a dust bag and is presented in a beautiful box that doubles up as a perfect memory box.

My Sugarjack Gabi Bag is a real investment piece, making life much easier and allowing me to feel much more trendy. I have no doubt it will continue to be used for many years post baby.

Check out the full range of Sugarjack bags here.

I did not receive the bag or any compensation for writing this post and all opinions are honest and my own.