Friday, 8 March 2013

Why I started blogging

So here we are 4 weeks into my blogging adventure. People have lots of different reasons to start blogging and for me I didn't know much about it at all and still don't in fact. 

I heard on the radio one morning coming back from the school run a woman talking about her blog. The debate actually started out talking about whether or not people should put pictures of their children on Facebook and on social media sites in general. 

Now Facebook and Blogging are not the same thing and I understand where it was coming from but the lady that was speaking simply said that her blog was for her family to have somewhere they could go to see the development of their children's lives and if you didn't like it then don't read it. She had family living in England so they could see what was happening  and not miss out on things.

It got me thinking - what was a blog exactly? I hadn't the faintest idea. I was telling my husband about it that evening and we had a look through different blogs, I was interested in starting one for my family to document our lives the same as this lady on the radio had done. It would be great to capture things as they happened and have somewhere to look back and recall little things that are important to you - like a diary I suppose.

When I actually looked into starting up a blog I was so confused my head hurt;  words like social media, dashboard, hyperlink, permalink, html, gadgets, badges, hashtags, labels the list was endless and I didn't know what any of it meant. 

I am not technical minded in any shape or form. Once I came home from work I seldom looked at a computer, much preferring to read a book or get my housework done.

I didn't understand Twitter, I was never really into Facebook - I am the one with about 20 friends and everyone else has 20,000 friends (slight exaggeration but you know what I mean!). Instagram, Pinterest what are they? Then I thought what was the point in this, it was just a spur of the moment thing but before I knew it The Mum with the Silk Scarf was born.

The reason I called it this was that my husband bought me a beautiful Lexington silk scarf for Christmas. I love it and am seldom seen without it, so it seemed appropriate.

I'm starting to find my way round. It's amazing that you can check your stats on your page. If your saying what's the big deal, to me it's amazing that people are reading my blog from all over the world. I know that anyone in the world can access and read my blog if they have found a way to it, but I am gobsmacked that people would take the time to look at mine and it's not friends and family because I haven't told anyone about it - yet.

There are so many great blogs out there, and even more interesting to me is that I'm starting to connect with like-minded people, other mothers who know much more about blogging than I do and I am grateful for the opportunity to hook up with so many wonderful people in this whole process.

I feel like I'm getting a new lease of life since I started this blog and it feels exciting. As a new stay at home mum I never worried about how I would spend my time or if I would become bored. I knew when the opportunity came to leave my work that it was the best decision for me, where that takes me I don't know but I'm looking forward to it and now I have my blog to keep a track of every step of the way.

I now have a platform to challenge me into pursuing things that I love and had put to one side because of my work, which unfortunately seemed to take over my life but also I have been spurred into joining a writing class and photography course and I have started to read my books again. Crikey I'm even contemplating starting to train for a half marathon later on in the year - watch this space!!!!

The last 4 weeks have been incredible and it's amazing how a blog can take on a little life of it's own. I've learnt loads and I still have loads to learn but it's really good fun and enjoyable, and here's something I never thought I would ever say;

I think I'm falling in love with blogging!


  1. I love this post! I too am very new to blogging. Only been doing it for about two weeks but am quite quickly becoming addicted! I am a stay at home mum too and at the end of a busy day consisting of lots of nappy changing, school runs and housework its lovely to sit down and write about all the things that make up your life as a parent. I too have lots to learn but there really are some wonderful bloggers out there willing to lend support and advice. I too am falling in love with blogging :)
    Jen aka @MummyNeedsChoc

  2. Hi Jen, thank you so much for your lovely comment, I'm only getting time to catch up on ones I've missed - I didn't think anybody was actually reading half of them!! I'm glad you are like me it's so addictive and I feel like my blog is now a part of me. Hope you are enjoying it and I will be adding you to my reading list to keep up with your posts.