Wednesday, 6 March 2013

5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

This week I'm feeling really good and as I'm starting to take more of an interest in my appearance and looking at new clothes to replace baggy t-shirts and leggings post baby, I have decided that my make up bag needs a spring clean.

Spring is here, the flowers are starting to bloom and just like my cupboards my make up and skin care products need the cobwebs blown off.

If your like me you will have countless beauty items lying in handbags, drawers, the car even - but how many do we actually use? I don't wear loads of make up unless I'm going out or going somewhere that I need to look respectable!

Join me today and follow my 5 tips to Spring cleaning your makeup bag.

1. Gather All your make up

Have a good rummage around the house, check your drawers, the car and get everything in the one place so that you can sort through them properly.

2. Throw away anything you haven't used for the last 6 months

Makeup and skin care products have expiry dates and can be harmful to your skin. I'm talking from experience here - I once used an old mascara I found in a handbag and it caused a severe eye infection - I looked like I had done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson and that's no joke!
So my cousin who is a Beauty Therapist has kindly given me these guidelines to follow;

Mascara: Three to four months
Foundation: Six to twelve months
Concealer: One year for liquid; Eighteen months for powder and stick forms
Face powder: Eighteen months
Blusher: Two years for powder; one year for cream
Eye shadow: Three months
Eyeliner: Three months
Lipstick/gloss: One year - if you suffer from cold sores you should discard and replace straight away

3. What items do you actually use?

Separate your most used items and make sure they aren't broken - keep these to one side as they will be used on a daily basis. Then have a look at the rest, the things you bought for special occasions or Christmas - like the eye shadow someone got you for your birthday and never used or the eyeliner the sales consultant talked you into buying because there was an offer of 2 for 3. Is it still in fashion and will you ever wear it? Be ruthless. Give everything you are keeping a rub and clean with a baby wipe before we move onto the next step. 

4. Store your make up properly

Try to keep your make up in the one place, because if it's out of sight then it's out of mind. I have decided to keep mine in 2 vanity cases both of which came free with skincare products. I've had them a while and they were never used but one will be for my skin care products and the other for my make up bits and bobs.

I also love this retro make up bag from Tender Love & Carry, it's available from ASOS and looks great, it's very spacious making it perfect for keeping in your handbag or for going away. At only €15.38 or £12 GBP it's a steal.

5. Last but not least, check your make up brushes 

If there are hairs falling out of your make up brushes throw them away and invest in some new ones. If they are ok, put them into warm water using a mild shampoo - baby shampoo is perfect. Soak them until they are clean, then rinse thoroughly and dry off. 

Now, it sounds easy so what are we waiting for?

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