Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Baby Update - 24 Weeks

24 weeks ago today our Little Fellow finally made it safely into the world.

2 weeks past our due date and not in any hurry.

After months of sickness wrapped up with excitement and endless waiting we finally got to meet the newest member of our family and just like that 4 suddenly became 5 . 

There is nothing like holding your newborn baby in your arms and being so immensely proud of yourself that you have created such a little wonder.

My first reaction was to make sure that he was ok and there were no problems after a traumatic birth but he was perfect in every way - 5 little fingers and 5 little toes, everything as it should be and a mass of beautiful black hair. This little person totally dependent on me. Our bond was instant

Suddenly the pain was gone, I didn't feel sick and the only thing I could see was my baby - all the bad feelings were replaced by overwhelming happiness and joy.

It's amazing to see how quickly he has developed and changed, how his little personality is starting to shine through.

I love how he smiles and drinks in everything around him.

He is now taking a great interest in our pets, especially our dog. I think they are going to be great friends.

When his brother and sister come home from school he gets so excited and kicks his legs wildly.

I love how he only wants me when he's tired and wants to sleep.

He loves getting his hair washed.

His favourite nursery rhyme is 5 Little Monkeys.

He loves to go for walks.

I love the way he just stares at his daddy, like he's entranced.

He has beautiful big blue eyes, the brightest smile and now showing off his 2 shiny new teeth. 

Amazing ;)

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