Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Let the weaning begin.......

As my little fellow is fast approaching the 5 month mark and you may have seen from my previous post ''Breastfeeding, an unexpected journey'', we have been having some problems for the past week.

Thankfully he has started to latch back on to the other breast again today after 8 days of not feeding on it at all and seems quite happy for now but I am certain that he is ready to start weaning, so I spent some time this morning getting ready for the big event.

I think it's fair to say that every child will develop in their own unique way so if you are reading this and thinking you should be doing the same, all I can say is that you will know yourself when your baby is ready to progress onto solids, look out for signs that they are ready like if they are trying to grab food from your hand when eating, and if they are taking an interest in you when eating and trying to chew along with you.

In our house we always try to eat together as a family and I include the baby in this as well, he sits in his bouncy chair beside the table so that he can see what's going on and feels included.

If your wondering what first foods work best, I find that pureed pear, carrot and parsnip and baby rice are a good start. These foods are sweet, easy to digest and from past experience from my other 2 children they should do the trick to get started.

I have made a stash of pureed pear along with pureed carrot and parsnip, this will keep in the freezer for 6 weeks and the plan is to start off with the pear this week and gradually introduce the rest.

To puree your food, simply wash and peel, then cut into small chunks.
Place in a saucepan and cover with a small amount of water then bring to the boil.
Puree or mash when ready then place into ice cube tray and freeze.
Once this is complete you can transfer to freezer bag and date - they will keep for 6 weeks.

So camera at the ready to capture lots of mess, I'd love to hear your stories xx

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