Monday, 1 April 2013

Baby's First Easter

Baby's celebrate lots of first's and I always think there's something special about Easter. 

This was an extra long weekend and we spent some lovely time together as a family.

There was lots of fun, laughs, chocolate, relaxing days, a sofa day - all in all a lovely first Easter for
our Little Fella.

Here are some photos of our weekend so far....

On Thursday we went to the Lough to feed the ducks it was so cold but really good fun....

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Good Friday we just chilled at home....

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Saturday we visited my Grandparents, who are an even better Great Granny and Great Granda and shared some cuddles and kisses....

On Easter Sunday we dressed up in our new clothes and looked super smart. 
In the morning we went to Easter Sunday mass as a family, one of my favourite things to do at Easter.
I cooked dinner at home, ate lots of chocolates, watched a few films and visited Granny & Grandad before getting home and falling fast asleep on Daddy's knee....

iphone march 098

iphone march 099

We have another busy day planned for today Bank Holiday Monday to finish up our Easter Holidays and I'm really looking forward to it.

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend!


  1. Awww Beautiful photos. It was my twins first Easter too! xx

    1. Thanks Emma double the fun for you then! Hope you all had a great weekend xx