Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Our Grown Up Weekend - Part 3

It feels like I have bombarded my blog this week but I really wanted to share my weekend away and keep a record of it because I don't get out much these days so I have to make every second count.

On Sunday evening Mr P and myself went to see Il Divo at the O2. I thought they were fabulous, we had a really great evening and I think he secretly enjoyed them as well, he would never admit that though.

Sunday morning we walked up to O'Connell Street and took a look around. I was amazed at how many tourists there were, armed with cameras, standing taking everything in.

Then on up through Temple Bar and around College Green. 

The weather was lovely so we sat outside Sinnott's Pub across from the Gaeity Theatre and watched the passers by. I found myself immediately drawn to every man or woman pushing a stroller or pram - wondering who was the little person being pushed about. 

I love watching people, I could have sat there all day, no words needed, people out for the day, on their way home from Sunday sports, shoppers, children out with their scooters, holiday makers, couples, friends.

This is the Jeanie Johnston Tallship and it houses a famine museum. We didn't go onto the boat this time round but have been many times and it's always very enjoyable because the guides have a real passion for the story of the emigrants and the ship. 
If you are ever in Dublin and like your history I would give it a shout.

Dublin 2013

Dublin Spire on O'Connell Street

Dublin 2013

Ha'penny Bridge

Dublin 2013

Molly Malone

Dublin 2013

There are some great pubs in Dublin, this is one of the more colourful ones...

Dublin 2013

The Olympia Theatre...

Dublin 2013

Trinity College...

April 2013

 All in all we had a great weekend, on Monday morning I dropped Mr P off at his work and drove home by myself. 

I was so excited to see the Little Fella, our Inbetweener and Teen who apparently missed me loads and were glad to have me back, but not as much as I missed them!


  1. I could use a day of people watching. I live in Vegas and there are a ton of people to watch. I am stopping by from the Newbie bloggers club. I also started following you on networkedbloggers.

  2. Hi there thank you so much, Vegas must be a cool place to live in, I can imagine it is a people watching paradise! I will check out your blog and return the favour.