Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Our Grown Up Weekend - Part 2

Here's some more bits of our weekend.

April 2013

When we arrived in Dublin on Saturday the first thing we did was to head off to the National Gallery, we walked up past the Convention Centre, Custom House and on up to Grafton Street taking in the all the street activities along the way.

April 2013

I love street music, Mr P always enjoys a pint of Guinness and insists that it really does taste better in Dublin.
I even joined him and had a half pint - my first time drinking it.

April 2013

Bicycles were out in force this weekend in Dublin.

April 2013

The National Gallery is one of my most favourite places to visit in Dublin and for me it's a great way to spend an afternoon exploring a truly magnificent collection of art.

At the moment there is a beautiful display of sketchbooks by Jack B Yeats. There was even some sketches of Donegal where he was a frequent visitor.

Another exhibition is the Treasure Sheets European Works, showcasing drawings and prints dating back as far as the fifteenth century - I think that's incredible to have survived in perfect condition - if only they could speak.

After a lovely afternoon out and about we had a lovely meal at a Moroccan Restaurant called Dada.

I have wanted to try Moroccan for ages but it's not something everybody is willing to try, so taking full advantage of being on our own we gave it a shot.

I wasn't disappointed and will certainly try it again.

The food was full of flavour, we had a very nice bottle of wine, the staff were lovely and it was good value for money.

Hoping your weekend was as relaxing as ours, come back tomorrow for yet more photos of our weekend.

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