Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wednesday Fashion Spot

This weekend myself and my husband Mr P are heading to Dublin for a concert. It will be the first time I will be leaving the Little Fella since he was born. 

Mr P surprised me with tickets to Il Divo and two nights away at Christmas. I was excited at the time, then I forgot all about it and now it's here! 

I have mixed emotions about staying away for two nights from my baby. I hate the fact that I won't be able to spend the whole weekend with all three of my children, but I know they will be extremely well cared for with my parents at their second home!

It will though be nice to have some time to ourselves as a couple, just walk along and hold hands, pop into a small cafe and not worry about whether or not there's room for a buggy.

I have started to plan what I'll be taking with me but that's all it is at the minute - a plan in my head. It's so strange because I don't know what to bring, these days when I venture out I live in converse shoes, a mac to hide whatever top I'm wearing underneath because it's sure to have baby dribble on it and jeans.

These are a few bits I'm taking with me.

To start with I'll be bringing comfy shoes to walk around in, I got these little pumps in Barratts before Christmas and they are great because you can wear them with pretty much anything.

I'm swapping my lovely baby changing bag for my Louis Vuitton. It hasn't been used in a while and I love this bag so much because there is lots of room in it and it can be used day and night.

Louis Vuitton and black pumps

All Saints

I'm also packing my leather jacket because it can be used with anything and is dressy enough to wear day and night. 

As for the rest of what I'm bringing I haven't a clue but I'm sure it will fall into place and I'm starting to really look forward to a grown up weekend!

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