Thursday, 2 May 2013

A Very Special Bond

The bond between siblings is a very special bond.

There is nothing better than watching our three together, playing, laughing, cuddling, enjoying each other.

They truly adore each other.

                              I am thankful that the age gaps between each of them doesn't really matter. 

Some people told me when I was pregnant that the gaps were to big and that they would grow up and move in different circles -  they would never be close.

I disagree and I firmly believe that no matter what the age gaps between siblings they can have a close relationship as long as the family unit is strong.

My own family is incredibly close and I would like to think that our family will be the same, no matter what,  that they will always have someone and somewhere to go to when life doesn't go according to plan.

Our Teen is brilliant with both of the boys, she is so good to them. She helps to look after our Little Fella, she helps our Inbetweener with his homework, as well as other countless little things.

She is the best big sister and they are very lucky to have her. 

Our Little Fella lights up when he sees his big sister and brother, even at this early stage he knows that they are all his. Both of them are under his spell and his wish is their command.

Last week when our Teen was going to a disco I heard her brother tell her she looked beautiful. (That's pretty impressive for a 7 year old, I think I'm going to have to watch him in a few years!)

Just yesterday evening I was clearing the dinner dishes and I could hear squeals of laughter coming from the living room. Our Little Fella was laughing so much at this big sister and brother entertaining him that he almost choked.

I savour these moments because in the real world it won't always be like this, perfect yet simple and precious.

It's infectious.

I hope and pray that their bond will continue to grow and that they will always be there for each other.

Do you think that age gaps make a difference to how your children bond? I'd love to hear your thoughts...


  1. Aww that's lovely! Thanks for sharing the pictures too. I have 3 boys, all 2yrs apart, with plans for another at the same gap. I'm enjoying watching then grow up 'together', love that they all like the same things for the most part, and just how incredibly close they are. As an only child myself I think this sibling love and affection is magical <3

    1. Thank you Charlotte, that's lovely you have them all together and they will be able to share more things together growing up. There is a 2 year gap between me and my sister and we have always been very close. As long as they can get on and look out for each other that's what matters, and it is magical. I know lots of families where they just don't get on and I would hate for that to be the case with my lot. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day x

  2. How lovely! I've heard it said before the ideal age gap between children is six and a half years and it sounds like you've got it right for your family. I have 2 years and 4 months between my boys (although 3 school years) and 2 years 5 months between my younger son and my daughter. My boys have always been close and are equals. My younger two are close, but my son treats my daughter as though she is much younger, which she is happy with. My eldest and my daughter can't stand each other though! :(

    1. Thanks Sarah, I think your age gaps are lovely just like me and my sister, it's great that they can share things and when they get older they will be doing the same things together. I would say your oldest and daughter will be great friends when they get older, my cousins were just like that, they would have killed each other but the older they got the closer they got.

  3. This is a gorgeous post :) My children are close together and have a great bond but I don't think age gaps really make much difference, its the personalities and the love they have for each other that creats such a beautiful relationship :)
    I have a great relationship with my siblings and we have big gaps! 24 years between me and the youngest!

  4. Aw thank you, that means so much. I agree that age gaps don't really matter but sometimes other people plant seeds of doubt. It's lovely to hear that you have a great relationship with your family, especially with such a big gap. I can imagine it would be lovely to have older siblings to look out for you. Thanks for stopping by and reading, hope your week is great xx