Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What My Teen Wore

This week's Fashion Spot is dedicated to my teen daughter. Last Friday she went to a disco which was organised by her local youth club.

She doesn't go to many disco's, just ones arranged by the youth club or school but I imagine in the next year or so that might change as there are regular teenage disco's here locally.

Thankfully she doesn't ask to go these yet, so we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Such excitement getting ready, it reminded me of when I was that age, we were exactly the same - planning outfits, what way our hair was going to be, who was going to do our hair for us, who was going and wondering if there would be anyone 'interesting' there.

It's both a mixture of amazing and scary to see how fast she is growing up, it seems like no time since she was just a little girl.

She is quite mature for her age and we have a very close relationship which I am thankful for.

I think she looked stunning, even if that sounds totally biased I don't care.

Wednesday Fashion Spot

Wednesday Fashion Spot

This is what she wore.

Black Chiffon Blouse from
White Shorts from River Island
Black Wedged Shoes from New Look
Earrings from New Look
Make-Up all from Benefit

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