Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Our 8 Month Round Up

On Saturday our Little Fella turned eight months old.

He really is growing up too fast and each day that passes he is getting to be more and more fun.

8 Month Round Up

His hair is really starting to grow now and it's hard to tell what colour it's going to be as it seems to change with different light but I'm sure it's going to be dark.

8 Month Round Up

We brought down the baby walker from the attic last week and he absolutely loves his new found freedom.

Moving backwards and banging into doors (the louder the better) is totally hilarious to him.

8 Month Round Up

When he lies on his tummy he tries so hard to get moving but as of yet he cannot co-ordinate legs and arms. We'll keep trying though.

He loves his new teddy friend Chip or maybe it's just his shoes and labels.

Learning how to wave and clap hands is so much fun.

He still has two teeth but there's a third due any day now.

8 Month Round Up

He continues to be amazed by his hands getting so much amusement out of them.

We have lots of tickles hidden away at the top of our leg, feet and tummy. 

Our home is filled with squeals of delight.

He loves to pull his hat off when we are going out even though it's still so cold here.

8 Month Round Up

He likes to pull hair and moves with great speed and accuracy to get you at the roots where it hurts most.

He is amazing and whilst I wonder where the last eight months have gone I am looking forward to the next few weeks to see what they bring.



  1. He's such a cutie! The time really does go by way to fast:)

    1. Thanks Nicole, it does go too fast I wish I could freeze it for just a little bit longer!

  2. what a cutie!! it's crazy how quick the times goes hey. my son is 13 months old now and cracking us up daily :)

  3. Thanks Claire it is so crazy and a bit scary! I've just been over to your blog it's fab. Your little man is just gorgeous, I bet he keeps you busy.

  4. He's too cute! Happy 8 months old! :) x