Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Soap & Glory Hand Food

I go through lots of hand creams because I have very dry skin and I've tried so many different kinds - expensive ones, cheap ones, the lot. 

Sometimes my hands can be so dry the skin actually cracks and stings.

This lovely hand cream from Soap & Glory is just fabulous and one of my new favourites. I don't know how long it's been on the go probably ages but I have only recently discovered it.

I love the name 'Hand Food' and the retro pink packaging.

The cream is nicely formulated and provides instant relief to dry skin leaving your hands feeling super soft and nourished.

It smells great and it doesn't leave your hands feeling sticky or greasy.

Available from Boots and priced for as little as £5 for 125ml you get a really decent hand moisturising cream that's not going to break the bank and last ages.

I'm looking forward to trying out some of their other products.

Have you tried this or any other Soap & Glory products that you can recommend?

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Wednesday Fashion & Beauty Spot

Wednesday Fashion & Beauty Spot


  1. Shea Butter is also great for eczema, burns, stretch marks (I swear mine almost disappeared!), and other skin conditions. I use it and it costs about $7 USD for 32oz (946mL).

    Even National Geographic was raving about it.

    1. Thank you Ramona, that's good to know about the stretch marks must check it out. It's not too expensive either, thanks for sharing the link I hope your week is going well.

  2. I must try this. I have the same problems with my hands and I think using baby wipes a lot only makes it worse. I had never heard of the Soap&Glory brand until recently. I got a present of their Mist You Madly spray and I really like it.

  3. Hi Joanna, it is lovely. I've noticed that some baby bath products are very harsh on the skin as well which is strange when it's for use on baby skin. I must look out for the spray, I love the name of it hope your week is going well.